Zhengzhou LP Industry CO.,LTD is founded in 1993,  which is a leading enameled wire manufacturer in China. Wire produced to industry standards or to your standards. We inventory a large selection of unique magnet wires including grade 2 or single build AWG and SWG Magnet Copper Wire, enameled aluminum wire and enameld copper clad aluminum wire.
LP Industry
LP Industry has developed many special processes, including the production and use of Oxygen Free High Conductivity Aluminum for critical magnet wire applications.

Currently, LP Industry is supplying products to North & South America, Europe, Asia (including Japan,Taiwan) and Oceania.

Application scope
Stator Coil for Turbine Generators, which is the heart of Generating Plant.
Winding Coils of Power Transformers for Transmission Sites and Distributing Stations.
Winding Coils of Motors, Home Appliances,Cooling Appliances,TV Monitors, Microwave Ovens and Motors for Railway Vehicles.
In addition they are used in the automobile industry, (ex. Alternator,Stator, Hybrid traction motor,Electronics etc) medical equipment industry, aerospace indutstry and the national defense industry, etc.
Solar & wind-mill generator for Green Energy
Telecommunications & Coaxial, Weld Tips, Anodes for Electroplating, Submersible Pumps, Hand-tools Industry.

We have experienced team for Enameled Wires, advanced technology, excellent equipment, strict management is the foundation of the company continuous development and expansion, and the Enameled Wires win the trust of customers. We believe that through our continuous efforts and pursuit, we will be able to achieve mutual benefit and win-win with our customers!