Electric motor is also known as motor, refers to an electromagnetic device that realizes the conversion or transmission of electric energy according to the law of electromagnetic induction. Its main function is to generate driving torque as a power source for electrical appliances or various machinery.

The impetus for the widespread use of electric motors comes from the advent of DC motors. In 1870, the Belgian engineer Graham invented this practical machine and manufactured it in large quantities, and then continued to improve the efficiency of electric motors. Siemens, another research unit of electric motors, is also working hard on the research. Almost at the same time that Graham succeeded, Siemens launched the electric locomotive. This car that does not burn oil won a lot of applause at the Berlin Industrial Exhibition. The invention of the AC motor was completed by the American inventor Tesla. The earliest AC motor was designed according to the principle of electromagnetic induction. , Its invention made the motor really enter the field of household appliances. After the advent of AC motors, synchronous motors, series motors, and AC commutator motors were gradually invented and put into actual production to provide more convenience for people's lives. The invention and application of electric motors are of great significance to human beings, and it can be said that it has brought earth-shaking changes to human life.

At present, in high-end cars, in order to control fuel, improve ride comfort and display equipment status, 40-50 electric motors are used, while there are more than 80 electric motors on luxury cars. The supporting motors for car electrical equipment are mainly Permanent magnet DC motor, permanent magnet stepper motor, brushless DC motor, etc. As a green vehicle in the 21st century, electric vehicles have received widespread attention in various countries. The motors used to drive electric vehicles are mainly high-power permanent magnet brushless DC motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors, switched reluctance motors, etc. The development trend of this type of motor is High efficiency, high output, intelligent. Domestic electric bicycles have developed rapidly in recent years. Electric bicycles are mainly driven by wire-wound permanent magnet DC motors and permanent magnet brushless DC motors; in addition, special motors have also been widely used in locomotive drives and ship propulsion, such as linear motors It is used for the drive of maglev trains and subway trains.

There are many types of military special motors and components, with different specifications and nearly 10,000 varieties. Their basic functions include: mechanical position sensing and indication, signal conversion and calculation, motion speed detection and feedback, motion equipment drive and positioning, Acceleration, accurate servo control of orientation, timing specification and low-power power supply, etc. According to the requirements of its special function, special function and special working environment, many of the latest technological achievements in related disciplines have been absorbed, especially the application of new technologies, new materials and new processes, which has given birth to many new structures and new principles. The characteristics of modernization, digitization, multi-function, intelligence, systematization and networking.
For example, traditional torpedo steering gears use a hydraulic-mechanical drive system to drive the rudder surface, providing three-axis power for torpedoes to control heading, depth and roll, and complete the designed torpedo trajectory; Electric steering gear mostly uses brushed DC servo motors, but the inherent shortcomings of brushed servo motors have brought many problems to the reliable operation of the electric steering gear system. The use of rare: permanent magnet brushless DC motors with small volume, light weight, high power density, high power index, good servo performance and dynamic characteristics can well meet the special application requirements of the torpedo electric steering gear system. At present, the special motors that are mainly used and developed in the national defense field are permanent magnet AC servo system; permanent magnet brushless DC motor; high frequency and high precision dual channel resolver: micro, light and thin permanent magnet DC torque motor; high precision angle position sensor Electric motors; stepping motors and drivers; low inertia DC servo motors; permanent magnet DC torque tachometer units; drive motor acceleration and decelerator components; ultrasonic motors; linear and direct drive motors, etc.

Electric servo drive field
In the occasions requiring speed control and position control (servo), special motors are more and more widely used. Closed reluctance motors, permanent magnet brushless DC motors, stepper motors, permanent magnet AC servo motors, permanent magnet DC motors, etc. have been used in CNC machine tools, industrial electrical automation, automatic production lines, industrial robots, and various military and civilian equipment. field has been widely used. For example, the AC servo motor drive system is applied in the gravure printing machine, which achieves extremely high synchronization and coordination with its high control precision, so that this printing equipment has high automation, high registration accuracy, large printing scale, low production cost, Energy saving, convenient maintenance and other advantages. In industrial sewing machines, with the extensive use of permanent magnet AC servo motor control systems, brushless DC motor control systems, and hybrid stepping motor control systems, industrial sewing machines are becoming more automated, intelligent, compound, integrated, efficient, and The direction of oil-free, high-speed, and direct drive is developing rapidly.
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