Enamelled flat aluminum wire is a type of magnet wire coated with enamel repetitiously. Enameled flat wire has a good insulating effect, keeping a long life because it is a solid oxide film on the surface of enamelled aluminum wire. Due to the insulating effect of aluminum film layer, It's heat-resistant temperature can be 20 degrees higher than the copper wire. What’s more, it's lighter 1/3 than copper which can be reduce production cost significantly.

Aluminum is not only cheaper than copper, but also as an excellent conductor, it has better flexibility than copper, its density is only 1/3 of copper, and the same weight of aluminum conducts electricity twice as much as copper.

120 degree flat enamelled wire for oil-immersed transformer
130, 155, 180 degree flat enamelled wire are widely used in all kinds of magnet coil
200 degree flat enamelled wire works constantly in high temperature
240 degree flat enamelled wire for magnet coils of aviation, military and marine application


Name Enameled Flat Wire
Conductor Aluminum
Dimension Thickness(a): 0.8~10.0mm;  Width(b): 2.0-25mm
We can produce the Ultra-Flat Large Sizes wire
Thermal Class (℃) 120(Class E);180 (Class H);200 (Class C);220 (Class C+); 240(Class HC)
Insulation thickness Single, Heavy
Certificate UL
Packing 30kg ~150kg ply-wood spool (250*400 /250*500/ 250*600 / 250*730)
Application Transformer; motor;generator; modern instrument; welding machine and so on

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