Enameled aluminum wire is a main variety of winding wire, which is composed of conductor and insulating layer. The bare wire is annealed and softened, and then painted and baked many times. 

1.Because of its winding with light weight, high conductivity, good heat resistance, so it can be used for high frequency signal transmission.
2.It can also fit for high frequency transformer, common transformer, inductance coils, electromotors, household electromotors and micro-motors.
3.Used in small-motor rotor winding, etc.
4.Used for microwave transformers.

The enameled round aluminum wires has high thermal class.
It also own High chemical stability.
Beside, it possesses the good mechanical properties.
At last, it has high breakdown voltage and good formability.

For Lanpu enameled wires have four major properties: mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, and thermal properties.


Name Enameled Round Wire
Conductor Aluminum
Dimension Diameter: 0.06~10.0 mm
Thermal Class (℃) 120(Class E);180 (Class H);200 (Class C);220 (Class C+);
Insulation thickness G1;G2;G3
Certificate UL
Packing PT-15~PT-270 or ply-wood spool
Application Transformer; motor;generator; modern instrument; welding machine and so on

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