Kraft paper covered wire is a common electromagnetic wire, which is characterized by the use of Kraft paper as the insulating material. Kraft paper is a stronger paper made from natural fibers, usually from wood pulp.

Kraft paper covered wire usually consists of copper or aluminum conductors and multiple layers of Kraft paper insulation. Conductors can be round or flat in shape, chosen based on application requirements. Kraft paper insulation is glued or impregnated onto the conductor to form a solid layer of insulating protection.

Kraft paper covered wire is widely used in power transmission and motor manufacturing. It has the following characteristics:

Voltage resistance performance: Kraft paper-covered wire can provide higher voltage insulation capabilities and protect the wires from voltage breakdown and leakage. This makes it suitable for applications that need to withstand high voltage loads.

Mechanical strength: Kraft paper has high mechanical strength, which can protect the wires from damage from external impact and extrusion. This allows Kraft paper covered wire to perform well in environments with mechanical stress.

Environmentally friendly: Kraft paper is a naturally renewable material with a low environmental impact. Using Kraft paper as insulation material reduces negative environmental impact and meets sustainability requirements.

Insulation properties: Kraft paper insulation of Kraft paper covered wire has good resistance to electrical breakdown and can effectively prevent current leakage and short circuit between wires. It also has a low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, helping to provide stable electrical performance.

Temperature tolerance: Kraft paper-covered wire is generally suitable for low and medium temperature environments, and its heat-resistant temperature is usually between 80 degrees Celsius and 120 degrees Celsius. This gives it good performance in some general industrial applications. However, in high-temperature applications, such as high-temperature motors or transformers, the heat resistance of Kraft paper-covered wire may be insufficient.

Application areas: Kraft paper covered wire is widely used in household appliances, power tools, lighting equipment, electronic equipment and general industrial applications. It is typically used in lower voltage and lower temperature electrical systems such as low voltage motors, lighting circuits and control circuits.

In general, Kraft paper covered wire is a common magnet wire with good voltage insulation and mechanical strength. It is widely used in power transmission and motor manufacturing and is a reliable and cost-effective insulation choice.